Ozon Therapy

One of the most important basic therapies in biologic applications.

Ozone is trivalent oxygen which is formed in the atmosphere by UV radiation, thus filtering out the sun’s dangerous UV radiation. It is also generated in densely populated areas by chemical reaction with certain constituents of smog, and acts as a poison should the concentration reach the TLV (threshold limit value for points of work) and be inhaled for a longer period. The TLV for ozone with inhalation of 8 hours daily, i.e. 42 hours/week (e.g. in copy shops) is 0.2 mg/m3. It is not possible to exceed this value when using ozone for medicinal purposes with HUMAZON® generators as a result of the direct application on patients together with suction into the catalytic converter for ozone (immediate conversion back into pure O2).

The bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, circulation boosting, wound cleaning and wound healing effects of ozone open up a wide range of indications for therapists. If we refer to ozone therapy here, it is actually an ozone/oxygen mixture which is meant. The concentration for therapeutical applications is 0 – 80 µg/ml, and is used in particular for large and small autohaemo therapies, bag gassing, intestine insufflation, underpressure gassing and for the production of ozonized water.

Fields of application for the Ozone Therapy – es-pecially for the „Hyperbar Ozone Therapy“:

  • general tiredness
  • arthroses of all kinds
  • arterial calcification of the coronary arterias (pain of the heart during stress and rest)
  • all liver damage due to alcohol or viruses
  • disturbed blood circu-lation in arms, legs (ulcers) and in the brain
  • rehabilitation after apo-plexia (including para-lyses)
  • rheumatic diseases e.g. muscle or joint rheumatism, lumbago, ischiatic pain
  • high blood fats
  • high level of uric acid (gout)
  • delayed physical recovery after serious diseases or stress situations, anti-aging
  • additional therapy of cancer (verified therapy success)
  • various skin diseases (acne, eczema)
  • all diseases of the eyes caused by reduced blood circulation
  • migraine
  • many kinds of vertigo

What effect does OZONE have in the human body?

  1. It helps the liver essen-tially with detoxifi-cation.
  2. It enforces decompo-sition of fats (choleste-rol and triglycerides). These fats are known to be an important da-maging factor for the blood vessels (heart attack, stroke).
  3. It considerably impro-ves the metabolism of the cells, the motor of energy production in the body.
  4. It breaks down the level of uric acid, which is the cause of gout and a damaging factor for the vessels, or reduces it considerably.
  5. It improves the blood flow, reduces circula-tion troubles and pre-vents new problems.
  6. It reduces clotting of the red blood corpuses and thus improves the transport of oxygen and the blood flow.
  7. It increases the amount of oxygen available to the tissue and thus leads to a better absorption.
  8. It kills many kinds of bacteria, viruses, and funghi and prevents their re-appearance.

How does the Ozone get into the human body?
In the doctors practice blood will be thrown out of an arm vessel just like you have a blood analyses into a vacuum glass. All used materials are used only once. After taking out about 150 ml the ozone/oxgene will be pumped by a special machine into the glass and mixed with the blood. The red blood-cells bind the oxigen on their hemoglobin and transport it back into the body.

How to find out wheather your body needs Oxygen vs. Ozone?
The oxygen is measured transdermal by a special method. If the factor is between 70 and 80 mm HG, your blood is fine. If the factor is less, there is a oxygen leck.

What´s according to the latest science findings?
It is obvious that, due to its strong disinfectant effect, ozone kills bacteria, viruses, fungi etc., thus facilitating their phagocytosis by leuco-cytes. Ozone acts as an inducer of cytokines – it is known that other oxidizing agents, in appropriate amounts, induce the synthesis of cytokines (e.g. inter-leucin, tumour necrosis factor and interferon) inmonocytes and lymphocytes. The proliferation index of blood monocuclear cells hardly increases after blood exposure to ozone.

Ozonated autohaemotherapy, even carried out twice in rapid succession, never causes any side-effects or – very rerely – a transient tiredness usually followed by a sense of well-being. Obviously a single autotransfusion has very little effect, and I would like to propose a protocol including at least two sessions weekly continued for 1 to 6 months, depending on the illness we want to treat.
It is not difficult to envisage that a change of the homoeostatic balance is bound to evoke a multioragan response that coult positively influence the psychological status of the patient, hence the immunological response.


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