Magnet field therapy (MF) bioresonance therapy (BRT)

On this earth no human being could live without the activity of the North and the South Pole. Every cell in the body need this electricity of atmosphere and ground to organize the interaction beetween the tissues.  Magnetic therapy reorganizes the body to recover healthy interaction.

Do you know

  • that your body is constantly sending out biological signals,
  • that modern medical tech-nique is able to “understand” these signals,
  • that signals of the human organism are very indi-vidual,
  • that our endogenous information is predomi-nantly electromagnetic?

How can you benefit from the above knowledge?

Today it is commonly known that it is possible to get information about the condition of certain organs through particular body signals. For instance, measuring heart function by ECG or brain waves by EEG are proven methods.

But also magnet field and bioreso-nance therapy are based on the finding that a sick organism sends out specific signals – more precisely: individual oscillations.

These body information can be delivered to an information processing device by impulse measuring instruments. The objective of Magnet field the-rapy is to liberate the organism from harmful effects of imbalanced oscillation patterns. For this purpose, pathologic oscillations will be eliminated by the electrical system of a bioresonance modulator.

Analysis and elimination of unhealthy body oscillation: Optimizing any therapy. What sense does it make to delete abnormal oscillations?

Unquestionable, negative oscillations put the organism under stress. In consequence, all kind of allergies occur, moreover, increasing weakness of the organism leads to the inability to recognize pathologic factors or to activate self-healing properties, respectively. It is obvious, that the body can deal with “medical or therapeutic signals” much better, if it is not con-stantly confronted with disturbing, unhealthy en-dogenous oscillations. With the magnet field system equipment in our practice we are able to discover your endogenous unhealthy oscillations on an electronic basis and delete them subsequently.

Introduce positive oscillations into the body:

Magnet field and bioresonance therapy does not only eliminate nega-tive frequencies. Your therapist is also able to introduce positive oscil-lations – similar to those of homeopathic remedies – into your body by specifically influencing the electronic output of the therapeutic device. These positive frequen-cies can be painlessly transmitted to the patient by using ampoules as information carrier. Additional therapeutic oscillations have a spe-cific influence on your disease. Therefore, your therapist selects your personal treatment pro-gram. Main indications are chronic diseases, cancer, any orthopedic problems, allergies or within the scope of detoxication therapies.

Is magnet field and bioresonance therapy riskful ?

No! It is possible that in rare cases initial reactions in terms of activating old scars or sudden running nose occur. Thus, you should always inform your therapist about unusual symptoms occur-ring after treatment ahead of the next session. This information is crucial to the therapist, as it allows him to modify and optimize the introduced treatment.

Magnet field therapy helps gently and fast without harmful side effects!

Magnet field therapy has to be repeated several times and requires your cooperation. On days of therapeutic sessions alco-hol should not be drunk under any circumstances. It is recommended to drink 2-3 litres of mine-ral-reduced water (e.g. Volvic, Vittel) during the days of treatment so that your body can sort out the dissolved toxic substances as fast as possible.

In case of allergy treatment it is essential to follow strictly the instructions of your therapist.

Thousands of patients could be helped gently as well as fast by magnet field therapy in the past. For further questions we welcome you to arrange a personal consultation. 

Background in science:

Magnet field and bio-resonance therapy have been proven effective after almost 25 years of pioneering use by thousands of alternative practitioners in numerous countries. They gave back quality of life to scores of patients which couldn’t be helped by common medi-cal treatment of orthodox medicine. The cause for success of these therapies is based on well-founded research, which started in the beginning of the last century. Many findings researchers all over the world discovered while they searched for the secrets of life remained unnoticed or were disap-proved by highly deco-rated chairs. Why people react to weather changes, e.g. with headache or joint pain, was just recently discovered by researchers from the University of Gießen, Germany, by investigating alphawaves. The scientific idea in medical therapy is that exclusively material substances (e.g. an anal-gesic) have an ”effect” on the organism. However, beyond this particles without material do exist, so called photons. A homeopathic remedy e.g. is composed of water + alcohol + photons. Water by its special structure can store information, which initiates healing of the body. This knowledge led to an already established method, the so called “information therapy”. The information theory and its practical use have shown that “material-free” information such as a whispered negative message can induce more severe physiological reac-tions (e.g. sweating, pal-pitations) than a strongly effective substance. It just depends on how the infor-mation is understood, that therapeutic impulses are brought into a resonance with the body’s own oscillations. Bioresonance and magnet field therapy belong to a high energy level of naturopathic medicine, which requires preceding therapy forms of the middle and lower level (e.g. bowel rebalan-cing, amalgam filling removal or optimized nutrition) to reach an adequate length and efficacy of treatment.

The scientific principle:

The physician F. Morell found out that it is pos-sible to achieve a 100 percent resonance bet-ween therapeutic impulse and patient by drawing oscillations from the body and bring them in reso-nance with themselves. The electromagnetic fre-quencies of the organism, which are relevant for BRT and MR are located on an ultrahigh energy level. In each patient’s body pathological (unhealthy) as well as healthy frequencies are effective side by side. Frequencies range from very long to very short waves. Pathologic oscillations can distort physiologic (healthy) control circuits and balance. Diseases develop when the dynamic balance of the organism can not be maintained by counter regulation mecha-nisms. The pathologic flow can be measured by magnetic electrodes. As the magnetic field per-vades the whole body, signals can be detected not only on the skin surface but also inside of body tissues and be led to the therapeutic device. Well-balanced frequen-cies will be returned to the patient from the BRT or MF device positively, on the other hand, disharmonic oscillations are given back negatively (reversed).

The electromagnetic field of a patient reacts immediately to these exactly adjusted therapy signals or information and gives a feedback to the device, which adapts itself subsequently to this altered situation in the patient’s organism.

This process is repeated several times within parts of seconds. By this, harmonic or physiologic oscillations will be amplified, whereas disharmonic or pathologic frequencies will be weakened and finally deleted. Thus, the physiological forces of the body can restore and unfold its dynamic balance. States of pain can be influenced immediately. As for any naturopathic therapy, the following principle is valid: the frequency of sessions depend on how chronic the disease is to achieve good results!

While in Austria magnet field therapy is already medical standard, it is increasingly accepted in Germany now. Barely a super athlete wants to miss this therapy during his rehabilitation! As most diseases emit electromagnetic waves, this therapy is applicable for nearly all indications, moreover, combination with other therapies is unproblematic. Technically, it is essential to work with a device with bipolar transmitter and receiver, as it is usual for any electronic equipment or for the Ying/Yang-principle. However, this is the case in only few devices (e.g. MEDISEND SUPER I and II).

Course of treatment:

Therapy sessions will take place once or twice per week for approximately 10-15 minutes. A therapy loop or 2 magnetic poles/electrodes will be placed in certain body zones (e.g. on the abdomen or a painful joint). During treatment watches or electronic devices should not be carried (cell phones or palms should be switched off!) It is not necessary to take off clothes, as the magnetic field is able to permeate almost any tissue. The frequency of treatment can vary depending on the kind of disease and patient specific reactions between 3 and 20 sessions. In case of relapse 1-3 sessions will usually be sufficient.


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