General Considerations

The human body is very complex compared to anything else in  this world. The difference between e.g. a computer build by human beings and a body created by God is that all our medical science evaluated only about 40 percent of the physiological structures and coherences. The anatomical system is well known. The nerve system is well known. Even though it is easy to explain how a leg moves we physicians cannot really explain how many influences from our environment impair the healthy function. Many new informa-tions about quantum physics force us scientists to change our minds.

The orthodox medicine often negate these outstanding discoveries. „You can only treat what science had evaluated!“  Clinical investigations are the only truth. But every statstic evaluation contains mistakes and wrong interpretations. We cannot live without the orthodox medicine in this modern world, but we have to realize that medicine is about 50.000 years old and many treatment systems have been developed in Old Arabia (e.g. colon cleansing) or China (Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture) a few thousand years ago.

Our holistic system requires the knowledge of coherences in the body – no matter if we can explain it or not. The only aim we have is to lead you to your personal health – in sha´Allah.

Holistic Anamnesis

The first step in the relationship between patient and doctor is to check the physical and mental status quo. It can be short of time like in the orthodox medicine for an acute disease. Chronical disorders require a detailed anamnesis which includes the complete history of your and your familiy diseases, surgeries as well as actual and chronical complaints. Very important is even a nutrition analysis. When e.g. one man suffers on headache the complemen-tary physician must know when the headache starts, where in the head the punctum maximum is, what kind of pain appears (e.g. knocking, pressing, drawing). All of these informations will lead to a detailed diagnosis and therapy. A holistic anamnesis requires about one hour of time.

Physical examination

A holistic examination contains the outside structure, state of teeth, tongue, mucose membrane, pulse quality, scars, bowel anatomy, condition of skin and others, orthopedic exa-mination, osteopathy, Applied Kines-iology (neu-ral muskel strenghness un-der provokation to evaluate detrimental substances or week organs), examination of microbes.

Device examination

After anamnesis and physical examination we improve your diagnosis by using the latest systems – mostly developed in Japan and Germany. All systems are checked regulary by specialists and correspond to the newest german regulations. E.g. we make use of digital sonography by Shimatzu (examination of inner organs like liver, kidneys or thyroid gland), electro-cardiography by Nihon and Siemens (function of the heart), oxygene value by Humoxygen (reserve oxygen in the blood), body weight, fat and water analysis as well as metabolism value by Tanita (status quo and target), Total Body Scan by VegaCeck (biofeed-back of nerval impulsed to a slight electric stimulus to find out which organs and structures are damaged), vibration check by Biopulsar (condition of all organs simoultanesly to the Korean Medicine to evaluate high or low energy state), biofeedback by ProQuant (evaluating nutrition disorders, allergies, intoxication and evaluating remedies by Heart Rate Variability-measurement = HRV. To evaluate the biological age we use a computer-controlled test of diffe-rent sensitive and motoric functions (H-Scan).

Blood examination

The basis is the orthodox blood analy-sis whitch includes blood cells (the convey-ance struct-ures in our body, immunolgical data (cells, globulines and antibodies including allergy status), inner organs like kidneys (e.g. important for protein metabolism), minerals, liver, cholesterol levels (including good, worse cholesterine, triglycerides and the important quotients), pankreas datas (including enzymes, sugar and 3-months-sugar), infection rate, hormones and tumor marks. To evaluate the allergy status in the body we use different blood exami-nations, e.g. the LTT (Lymphocyte-Transformation-Test). In special cases we add additional blood examinations dependig on the deepth of the hidden cause of symptoms (e.g. chronical shoulder problems on the right hand side can be based on gall bladder disorders).

Urine analysis

Speed analysis to find infections, sugar or liver problems are used as well as european special tests e.g. to evaluate hidden hypothyreosis at people that have problems to loose weight even by diet and sports.

Stool analysis

Microbes and fungi can negetavely interrupt with the physiological flora and lead to digestion disorders. The analysis is an important step to health

Let me give you an example how important a holistic examination is: If your car needed an inspection in former times the hopefully best mechanic on duty checked everything that he proposes by hand and eyes. Nowadays the mechanics use a computer controlled diagnosis system that will check all the programed devices. At least once a year this car gets a complete inspection, parts are exchanged in regular intervals, the best oil will be filled in, water coolers are refilled and fuel injections are re-programmed. Nobody waits until the car breaks down, we do everything that our vehicle will be functioning every day. So what´s wrong with the modern medicine? Waiting for sickness is wrong! In older times like in China or Egypt a good physician was somebody who kept his patients healthy. So all of the inhabi-tants of a village or city let themselves ex-amined and treated before they got ill. It is time to change from „modern“ treatment of symptoms to based medicine that keeps all of us in good to excellent condition!


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