Therapy Information

General considerations

„Mens sana en corpore sano!“
A sane spirit in a healthy body!

This rule of nature implies your attitude towards your physical system. God gave us our corpus with all it´s advantages and disadvantages. It is our duty to keep this secular body clean and fit for it`s work.

The best specialists in this world somtimes cannot treat your disease. The best physicians are depending on the good relationship between doctor and patient. And finally we all depend on the will of our creator. So let us pray for the best results of our combined way to go.

We will choose the very best combination of therapies for your body after exact anamnesis, examination and diagnosis. Let us try to explain the applied therapies in a few words. You will get detailed information about your special combination when evaluated.


Holistic treat-  ment of many illnesses by stimulating and revitali-sing nerval conjunctions. We place needles or Cepes Laser (painfree) onto individually defined acu-puncture points of the body, the head or the ears. Just like in a computer network it is necessary that all the nerval structures and conjuctions work without faults.

Allergy treatment

One of our huge pro-blems in the industrial world is the increased activity of the immune system by reacting hypersensitive on environmental substances. Adding to this the allergens like plant pollen increase their aggressive structures. The holistic treatment includes changes in nutrition, building up the weak and sensitive immune system and seal it with preservation.

Anti Aging

Nobody can change natu-res rules – but there are dif-ferent ways to slow down the age pro-cess by pre-vent illness! Apply of vita-mine combinations taken daily, ozone-therapy, regulation therapies like auto-hemologe injections, regeneration injections with special extracts e.g. from thymus, pancreas or heart, nature-based hormones and others.

Autohemologe injections

This typical german naturo-pathic treatment increases the strength of your immune system by injecting a homeopathic re-medy into the blood system, extracting blood from the body by an increasing scedule and reinject it into the glutaeus muscle. It needs 10 injections to come to the aim.

Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance means that we read your physical ten-sion by using the Medisend Super system and treat your body with the inverse tension and additional waves that can cure negative conditions like allergies, chronic infections or diseases like sinusitis or diabetes. The number of treatments differs between three and twenty.

Diabetes treatment

The shattering diagnosis often comes too late because re-gular blood analyses are not common. Once the pancreas lost it´s function to excrete insuline into the blood the muscles do not uptake the glucose. This will lead to an increased blood level of glucose and the micro angiopathy (small blood vessels degenerate). It is neccessary to start any treatment very early. A suc-cessful therapy system can be a combina-tion of remedies, magnetic therapy, ozone therapy and vitamine injections.  Espe-cially younger people should start yearly blood examinations at the age of 20! When becoming 45 (men) and 40 (women) the interval should decrease expecially when pathologic values were found.

Homeopathic infusions

Imagine your are on a journey in a foreign country and suffer on diarrhoea you will take a pill and lay in bed. Imagine on the other hand you live in your own country and suffer on recurrent diarrhoea – the pill will probably not cure the problem.

To treat acute or chronic diseases we use a 200 year old remedy system founded by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany. The ingredient of these remedies are pure magnetic information developed out of nature products like minerals, plants and many others. This therapy can be com-pared to a computer with an operating system like Windows XP that was infected with a virus. An anti-virus programme deletes the fault and the systems finds his way back to undisturbed function.

Magnetic therapy

Almost every orthopaedic disease can be supported by using soft or strong mag- netic fields. Since the  foundation times in the early 20th the machines were optimal developed. Nowadays you will probably not even feel the vibration exept reliev from pain or other suffer. Famous sportlers like Boris Becker or Michael Schumacher are using the magnetic therapy at every injurement. A treatment lasts 15 to 45 minutes, the amount of treatments depends on the level of your disease. We use different Medisend Super and the Pulsed Magnetic System.

Neural therapy

Neural therapy is an injection technique known to provide instant relief of pain, increased motio and return of function for problems not able to be helped by other methods. In 1925, two German physicians, Ferdinand and Walter Huneke discovered that procaine and lidocaine anesthetics caused immediate resolution of pain symptoms when injected into bone junctions, scars, nerves and tissues.We call this injection method „The Turbo Acupuncture“.

Nutrition consulting

Our anatomical structures are nourished ex-clusive by oxygen, water and food. Nobody in this world can digest everything. The non-digestable ingredients of your meal will react in your intestine like the rubbish in a kitchen-waste. As you would e.g. never put leaded fuel into your unleaded constructed automobile you should only eat the best digestable food that is destinated to give your body strength for it´s daily work.

Our effort is to find out what kind of nutrition is the best for your body and will increase your personal health.

Ozone therapy

One of the most common method we use in our clinic is to increase your personal oxygen level and nearby your energy. Eighty percent of our daily energy is made out of oxygen – this is an incredible amount! With a flaw of oxygene you often feel tired, loose your concentration or your good mood. 9 minutes of oxygenfree period will lead to death. A chronic oxygene defect can cause e.g. a burn-out syndrome or a stroke.

The treatment is a simple solution just like the foundation of the tire: Using the Humazon we extract 150 ml of your blood into a one-way sterile glass, injecting a special combination of oxygene (O2) and Ozone (O3) and reinject it into the vein the oxygene level increases within 30 minutes. We often combine this method with homeopathic injections and vitamins (neccessary for producing energy are e.g. B6, B12 and folic acid). It takes 6 to 15 treatments to come to success.

The indicator of success will be the oxygene measurement before and after – but what counts more is your feeling inside and your look outside.

Oxygene treatment by Prof. Ardenne

An efficient way to increase the bodies oxygene level is even to give special electrified oxygene over a mask by Vital Biomed. This kind of treatment is often indicated by carring out other treatments like bioresonace ore infusions.

ProQuant Therapy

After finding out harmful substances by the special Heart Rate Variability system ProQuant (see „Our Diagnosis“) the treatment follows the aim to renew your body ´s juvenile tolerance.

The older we get the more injurable we get on environmental substances. The consequence is the development of different illnesses due to additionional disturbances. Using magnetic fields and in-verse informations we extinguish the wrong information in your body. E.g. if wheat is an allergic agent in your nutrition you suffer on bowel problems like pain, meteorism and other digestion disorders. By using the ProQuant the tolerance against indigestible substances will in-crease definitely after 10 to 20 treatments.

Regulation and regeneration therapies

Using special extracts from human or bovine organs the regeneration sys-tem of your body will start an effi-cient work-out. So the possi-bility to stay healthy even in advanced years of your life encreases.

Vitamin infusions and injections

Recurrent infec-tions, allergies, liver-diseases, diabetes, power problems and many other disorders we support with special combinations of vitamins, minerals homeopathic enzymes and amino acids. The individually combined infusions run about 30 minutes and might be combined with other therapies like magnetic treatment.

Imagine there is an universe rule in the appereance of illness – imagine a disease ist just a way to go – imagine this way is proposed to happen to you, your family, your neighbors or your friends – imagine this fateful way leads you and your environment to illumination. Maybe than you are patient – maybe then you are humble – maybe then you will develop yourselves by getting healthy and sane. Salam.


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